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Our Story

"Let's start our own Brewery" 

Like many good things, the Mudgee Brewing Company began with an idea shared with mates over a few beers.  From that moment, Gary Leonard began exploring the vast world of craft beers and discovered beer making traditions with heritages going back hundreds of years.

He enjoyed the differences in beer, between an ale and a stout, a porter and a lager. With the revolution of craft brewing in New Zealand well underway, he decided that Mudgee was a perfect place to start a microbrewery which placed Mudgee Brewing Company at the fore-front of the craft beer renaissance in Australia.

Mudgee has a fine history of brewing with Crossings Brewery being first to set up in 1853 and the Federal Brewery founded in 1883. Sadly, its doors shut in1956. During its time its beer was in high demand in Sydney and Melbourne and exported to the thirsty Australian troops fighting in the Pacific Islands during World War Two. 

The Federal Brewery was also responsible for the legend of Mudgee Mud, which has inspired Mudgee Brewery's signature Imperial Stout. For years they used the pristine waters from a farmer's well, but when the town water was connected the quality went down.  For a while there was so much sediment in the beer, it became known as Mudgee Mud.

Some 60 years later the legend (but fortunately not the taste) of Mudgee Mud has been resurrected by the Mudgee Brewery.  The brewing takes place in a rustic 100-year old red brick former wool store owned by the Anglican Church, though the local Catholic priest has blessed the brewery too.  And why wouldn't you bless a place that produces fine, crafted beers ranging from sessionable pale ales to the rich taste of Mudgee Mud?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What are your hours of operation?
Wednesday: 8:00am - 5:30pm
Thursday - Sunday: 8:00am - Late
(Kitchen closes at 9pm)

Served Wednesday - Sunday from 8:00am - 11:00am

Served Wednesday - Sunday from 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Served Thursday - Saturday 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Sunday: 5:00pm - 8:30pm
Q:How is your beer made?
A:Check out our Brewing Process Page.
Q:Do you use preservatives?
A:No, we do not use preservatives. Read more about the ingredients in our beer here.
Q:Can your restaurant do Gluten Free meals?
A:Yes, we can cater for people with Coeliac Disease or Gluten intolerance. Please let your waiter know upon your arrival.
Q:When do you have live music?
A:We have live music every Thursday, Friday and Sunday. We also do special events including Dinner and Show events with a variety of performers on other nights. Please check our event calendar here.
Q:What is the shelf life of your beer?
A:Mudgee Beer is bottle conditioned and although we use no preservatives the beer will generally last around 12 months if stored correctly. (But then who keeps beer for that long?)
Q:Can I buy beer online?
A:Yes, beer and much more. Check out our online store !
Q:What is your return policy?
A:As a small batch brewery we do experience variations in our beers. If at any time you have a problem with our beers please contact us and we will happily replace any less than perfect products.
Q:What’s the best way to store your beer?
A:If not refrigerated beers should be kept in a dark/cool environment.
Q:Should beers be poured into a glass?
A:Boutique beers are full of flavour and aroma. To truly appreciate a good beer it is best served in a glass to allow the full experience of the beer.
Q:I want to come visit, but where should I stay in Mudgee?
A:Mudgee Region Tourism is a great resource. You will find a place to stay and lots of things to do while in Mudgee!


"Great space filled with mellow music, artful conversation, creative cuisine and bubbling beer. Beer bubbly, beer good! My favourite office..."
Philip van Gent
"The Mudgee Porter is one of the best. The combination of Porter and chocolate really brought out the true characters in the beer. Well done."
Jess and John, Canberra
"Mudgee Brewery is a great location. The variety of beers is amazing, each very different from the next. Looking forward to visiting again and trying the next seasonal brew."
Mike, Sydney
"We had a fantastic night at the Janet Seidel concert. Good food, good beer, good company and great music. Truly the premier music venue in Mudgee."
Anne and James
"Loved the Mudgee beers. Particularly liked the Wheat beer. Can't wait to see it available in our local."
Max, Sutherland