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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What are your hours of operation?
Wednesday: 8:00am - 5:30pm
Thursday - Sunday: 8:00am - Late
(Kitchen closes at 9pm)

Served Wednesday - Sunday from 8:00am - 11:00am

Served Wednesday - Sunday from 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Served Thursday - Saturday 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Sunday: 5:00pm - 8:30pm
Q:How is your beer made?
A:Check out our Brewing Process Page.
Q:Do you use preservatives?
A:No, we do not use preservatives. Read more about the ingredients in our beer here.
Q:Can your restaurant do Gluten Free meals?
A:Yes, we can cater for people with Coeliac Disease or Gluten intolerance. Please let your waiter know upon your arrival.
Q:When do you have live music?
A:We have live music every Thursday, Friday and Sunday. We also do special events including Dinner and Show events with a variety of performers on other nights. Please check our event calendar here.
Q:What is the shelf life of your beer?
A:Mudgee Beer is bottle conditioned and although we use no preservatives the beer will generally last around 12 months if stored correctly. (But then who keeps beer for that long?)
Q:Can I buy beer online?
A:Yes, beer and much more. Check out our online store !
Q:What is your return policy?
A:As a small batch brewery we do experience variations in our beers. If at any time you have a problem with our beers please contact us and we will happily replace any less than perfect products.
Q:What’s the best way to store your beer?
A:If not refrigerated beers should be kept in a dark/cool environment.
Q:Should beers be poured into a glass?
A:Boutique beers are full of flavour and aroma. To truly appreciate a good beer it is best served in a glass to allow the full experience of the beer.
Q:I want to come visit, but where should I stay in Mudgee?
A:Mudgee Region Tourism is a great resource. You will find a place to stay and lots of things to do while in Mudgee!