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"Great space filled with mellow music, artful conversation, creative cuisine and bubbling beer. Beer bubbly, beer good! My favourite office..."
Philip van Gent
"The Mudgee Porter is one of the best. The combination of Porter and chocolate really brought out the true characters in the beer. Well done."
Jess and John, Canberra
"Mudgee Brewery is a great location. The variety of beers is amazing, each very different from the next. Looking forward to visiting again and trying the next seasonal brew."
Mike, Sydney
"We had a fantastic night at the Janet Seidel concert. Good food, good beer, good company and great music. Truly the premier music venue in Mudgee."
Anne and James
"Loved the Mudgee beers. Particularly liked the Wheat beer. Can't wait to see it available in our local."
Max, Sutherland