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Seasonal Brews

Seasonal Brews

Belgian Blonde (5.5%)  - Our Belgian Style Blonde Ale aims to reset the Australian misconception that blonde means low carb & low taste. Mudgee's Belgian Blonde was brewed to compliment our Smokey Red and was inspired by our (sometimes blonde) daughter Amy.

Black IPA (6.5%) - Our Black Indian Pale Ale is neither Pale nor Indian. This beer is a dark ale displaying upfront hoppiness of the American Amarillo hops combined with the malty flavours of the dark malts. 

Citra IPA (6.5%) - Our American style IPA is full of up-front flavours and hoppiness to give a full rich mouthfeel.  A long lingering bitter finish makes this a deeply satisfying ale. This is where craft beer drinkers step up and get their badge of authenticity. 

Galaxy Pale Ale (4.5%) - Brewed with Australian Galaxy hops, our Australian Pale Ale has a fruity upfront hoppiness with a raised level of bitterness providing a refreshing beer suited to the Australian climate.

Smokey Red (5.1%) - Some of the best inventions happen by pure accident. Penicillin and our Smokey Red are two examples. Gary was about to throw out a bag of smoked malt when he decided to throw some into a brew of IPA. The result is a cracker, a smooth red ale with a hint of smoke, named in honour of his red-headed wife Debbie.