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Craft beer demands get sky high!

Craft beer demands get sky high!

You're squashed into your seat, a child kicking the back of you chair and your ears are acting up - you need a beer! Yes, there will be beers but as the trolley bashes your elbows, those commercialised beers are just not what your tastebuds are craving. Why can't you be at your local enjoying your favourite IPA or maybe a wheat beer? Cry no more beer lovers! American airlines are paving the way for craft beers to become a common commodity on board- soothing the soul of the beer snobs around the States! The rest of us may lay in hope that our hoppy and malty loves can join us on Australian airlines soon.

According to the Brewers Association, craft beer sales have seen 6% rise in sales per annum, with mass marketed brews steadily declining. It makes sense - why bother with a cheap brand brew slapped together when you can have a great tasting craft beer!

Airlines in America have clearly noted this rise in sales and are grabbing at the not-so-niche market to ensure higher sales in the air. Generally beer is the weaker contestant for inflight beverage sales, with wine and spirits being the preferred drink. Aboard six North American flights it was found that liqour sales reached $38 million and wine sales neared $14 million, while beer topped almost $11.4 million on inflight sales, according to GuestLogix, a credit card transaction processor for North American Airlines. However, the introduction of more craft beers is expected to change this.

With the good comes the bad, and there is some bad with the mile high sale of our favourites. Just like the food, craft beers will also suffer at the hands of altidude. Passengers' tastebuds can become less aware of aromatics of the beers, with the bitterness getting the upper hand and reducing the taste of a great brew. Expert brewers are suggesting a well balanced malty and hoppy beer will work best for air sales.

With the expectation that most airlines in the US will be serving craft beers by the end of the year, it can be assumed that other international airlines will follow suit. Here's to hoping we can all crack a bottle of our favourite craft beer the next time we jet off around the world!

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Oxenford & Nerang Brewing | Friday, 5 May 2017 5:38:50 PM
It's good to know that American Airlines are serving high quality tasty beer to that clients while on board.