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Our Signature Beers

Mudgee Lite 2.6%

This beer is full bodied and flavoursome, not an easy thing to achieve in a light beer. It is dark amber in colour and the flavours are generated by the addition of Rye in the mash.

Mudgee Mud 8.5%

Mudgee Mud is an imperial stout weighing in at an impressive 8.5% ABV. It is a rich and smooth stout which boasts hints of aniseed and liquorice undertones. Topped off with a creamy head this stout revives the legends of brewing in Mudgee.
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Mudgee Pale Ale 4.4%

Made from malted barley, hops, yeast and clean Mudgee water, Mudgee Pale Ale is light and refreshing. We've blended Australian and imported malted barley, with a bit of SAAZ hops late in the boiling process, to provide a floral aroma and a crisp, clean taste.
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Mudgee Porter 4.3%

Our porter has been brewed with specialty dark malts that give it the most wonderful flavours of dark chocolate and roast coffee. It's also been lightly hopped, allowing the malt flavours to dominate. Mudgee Porter has a thick texture and a warm finish, making it the perfect beer for those cooler nights.

Mudgee Spring 5%

Mudgee Spring is an American style Pale Ale which features Cascade and Hallertau hops. These hops provide amazing aromas and flavours to this full-bodied beer.

Mudgee Wheat 4.7%

Mudgee Wheat is a traditional European-style beer, brewed using lots of wheat malt. It also uses Hefeweizen yeast, which gives the beer its cloudy appearance, and its distinctive aromas of clove and banana.
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